Create Pulpy Orange Text in Photoshop

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Orange text tutorial in Photoshop: Okay so this tutorial starts with the basics! We first set up a suitable background so that our pulpy orange text looks good on it, and then we proceed to creating the pulpy orange text in Photoshop. Just skip the first few steps if you are not interested in creating the background. Most of the text will be created using Photoshop’s 3D option; particularly Repousse. The actual point of this tutorial is not creating the pulpy orange text in Photoshop, rather to teach ourselves how we can manipulate Photoshop’s various tools to create a nice backdrop and make the text look good. It’s really sort of an all-purpose tutorial.

1. Open the following image in Photoshop:

2. Next, load this texture image onto Photoshop (you can simply click and drag the image onto your document):

3. Change the texture image’s Blend Mode from Normal to Overlay.

4. Create a new layer.

5. Now use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a rectangle as shown below, and Fill the rectangle with green:

6. Deselect the selection.

7. Go to: Filter > Noise > Add Noise

8. Now add a Layer Mask to your image.

9. Set the Foreground and Background color to Black and White, respectively.

10. Select the Gradient tool and modify its settings as shown below. Using the gradient tool, click and drag a vertical line onto the rectangular selection:

11. Now load the texture image again onto Photoshop and using the rectangular marquee tool, select the lower bottom of the texture image of the same width and height as the rectangular selection you created in Step 5. Use the select inverse  option to select the remaining image and press delete so you are only left with the lower portion of the original texture. Place this remaining texture exactly on top of the lower part of your document (in case if it isn’t already there). Now repeat steps 8-10.

12. Change this layer’s Blend Mode from Normal to Soft light.

13. Deselect the selection.

14. Now using Photoshop’s Text Tool, create your text using the color White. The font I have used in this tutorial is ‘Mail Ray Stuff.’ You can download the font from here.

15. Next, go to: 3D > Repousse > Text Layer and make the following changes:

16. Now go to: Window > 3D

17. Select 3D Materials.

18. Click Slice Front Inflation material in the 3D (Materials) tab and make the following changes:

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19. Click on the icon next to Environment and select Load Texture.

20. This is the image we will be using as a texture to the Environment:

21. Change the Reflection to 25%

22. Next, in the same window, click on the icon adjacent to Shine and select New Texture.

23. Once you have clicked on New Texture, you will see no apparent change in Photoshop, except that the icon adjacent to Shine will change. Now click on this new icon, and select Open Texture.

24. For this new texture, the size of your document must be the same as the image (600px by 340px) that you started working in Photoshop with, originally.

25. The document that now opens up in Photoshop will have a White background color, but for our pulpy orange text, Fill the background with this color: #FF663F:

26. In the Layers box on the sidebar on your right, click on Create new fill or adjustment layer and click on Pattern, and select the Pattern shown:

27. Change the pattern layer’s Blend Mode from Normal to Hard light.

28. Close the current document and make sure to Save the changes.

29. Now click on Slice Extrusion Material in the 3D (Materials) tab and make exactly the same changes that you made to Front Inflation Material (Step 18 to Step 27):

30. Next, click on Slice Back Extrusion Material in the 3D (Materials) tab and again make exactly the same changes that you made to Front Inflation Material (Step 18 to Step 27):

31. Click the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the 3D Panel, and then choose Ground Plane Shadow Catcher.

32. Select 3D (Lights).

33. Set the position of the lights as shown below:

34.  In the 3D (Scene) tab, scroll up and select Scene and make the following changes:

That’s it, babe.

Final Picture:


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