Creating New Year 2013 Text Effect in Photoshop

Posted on December 20th, 2012 | 4 Comments

New Year 2013 Text in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, we are going to create New Year Text 2013 effect in Photoshop for the blessed year 2013. We are going to give our New Year Text 2013 a glossy glass-like look. But it isn’t going to be just the ordinary Glass-like Text effect. This time the effect is going to be more pronounced and the Glass Text is more delicate. This we are going to achieve by using different brushes, adjusting layer styles and working with filters.

1. Open whatever image you would like to work on in Photoshop. This is the image we will be using for the New Year text effect tutorial in Photoshop:

Texture link

2. Go to: Filter > Blur Radial Blur

Make the following changes:

3. Now using Photoshop’s Text Tool, create your New Year text 2013 with the color White. The font I have used in this tutorial is ‘Impact.’ You can download this font from here

4. Duplicate the 2013 layer. Turn off the duplicate layer.

5. We are working on original text layer.

6. Change the Fill to 40%

7. Double click the layer 2013 to open Layer Style.

Make the following changes:

As you can see, with these changes we have given our New Year text 2013 more of a glossy glass-like look.

8. For this layer, set the Foreground and Background colors as white and black respectively.

9. Select the Brush Tool and choose Reset Brushes.

10. Now choose a Spatter Brush.

11. Press CTRL and click on the 2013 layer to select all the text. But you need to select one number at a time. For example, right now you need to select only 2 of 2013.

12. So, choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw in a rectangular selection around all of 2013 except 2. Now only the number 2 will remain selected.

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13. Now create a new layer. Name this layer as Two.

14. Layer Two should be placed over the original text layer 2013 in the Layer Panel.

15. Apply the brush tool inside of number 2 as shown in the image below:

16. Go to: Filter > Blur Motion Blur

Make the following changes:

17. Now double click layer two to open Layer Style.

Make the following changes:

18. You must repeat the same steps for the rest of the numbers in 2013, giving them each different colors of your choice. Notice that there is an alternating difference in the setting of the angle for motion blur. If it is -50 for layer two, then is must be +50 for layer three and so on.

19. Next, turn on the duplicate text layer.

20. Change the Fill of this duplicate layer to 0%

21. Double click the duplicate layer to open Layer Style.

Make the following changes:

22. Create a new layer.

23. For this layer, set the Foreground and Background colors as Red and Green respectively.

24. Select the Brush Tool and choose Reset Brushes.

25. Choose a Hard Round Brush and modify its settings in the Brush Panel as shown below:

26. Your brush is now ready to use. Apply it to your image as shown:

27. Double click this new layer to open Layer Style. 

Make the following changes:

That’s it, babe.

Final Picture:


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  1. Posted on: 12-20-2012

    […] the rest : HERE blessed, blessed-year, ordinary, photoshop, text effect, […]

  2. Andy
    Posted on: 12-20-2012

    Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing! I really like the background too! It looks lioke city lights in the night 🙂 Ive been trying to brush up on my PS skills, trying to get better all the time. In case youre interested, heres some other tutorials Ive really found useful:

    Happy christmas and NY !

    — Andy

  3. Posted on: 12-26-2012

    Nice tutorial, I like this tutorial, clearly outlined

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