Photo Manipulation of Smoky Water Scene in Photoshop

Posted on September 24th, 2011 | 11 Comments

Smoky Water scene tutorial in Photoshop: In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a simple photo to create a different scene.Like Smoky Water scene. we will show you how to take the simplest image and create something eye-catching and professional.   This tutorial shows you how to merge images together.

Make your picture look Mafia like with Smoky Water Scene

1)  For manipulation of smoky water scene tutorial I am making use of the image below. You may use any image you find best. Load the image in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and proceed.


2. Next, I am going to bring in a car and place it on the image.

You can set the size of the car by changing the dimensions. (CTRL+T)

3. Create a new layer.

4. Using the brush tool, select a star shape. Set the brush size according to your need.

You are going to use the brush tool to make the headlights of the car more prominent.

5. I have now chosen a different picture to create the smoky water affect that you can see in the final result.

6. Use the eraser to tool to remove any unwanted material from your image.

Since we’re making an artistic scene, the final picture can look like anything you want it to.

This is what I’ve done yet.

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Let’s move ahead.

7. Duplicate the smoky water layer so that any remaining ground area seems to be covered in water too.

8. Bring in a bird into your image just like you did for the car and water.

Place the bird wherever you like in the image and change the size.

9. Duplicate the bird layer. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip horizontal

10. Create a new layer and set the foreground and background color to black and grey, respectively.

11. Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

12. In the blend mode, change from normal to screen. Set the opacity to 73%.

13. Open the Create new fill or adjustment layer tool.

Choose Color Balance.

Make the following changes:

Final result:



No smoke, no dust - just smooth working with a graphic tablet

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11 Responses

  1. Posted on: 10-3-2011

    Excellent tutorial, never thought it was so easy to create stunning reality in photoshop with simple steps. Kudoos, buddy.

    Great work

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  3. Rania Salman
    Posted on: 11-10-2011

    Amazing really … I love the birds

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