Adding Color to a Sketch Image in Photoshop

Adding Color to a Sketch Image in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn how to Add Color to a Sketch image in Photoshop. This will allow you to color up your sketches and drawings and give them the neat, finishing touch that you have always wanted. In this tutorial, we are working a bit in the Channels Panel and then in the Layers Panel. Also, there is work to do with saving and loading selections, and with filters and blend modes.

1. Open whatever image you would like to work on in Photoshop. This is the image we will be using for adding color to a sketch image in Photoshop:


2. Open the Channels Panel.

3. Press CTRL and click the Red channel. A selection will appear.

4. Press SHIFT + CTRL + I to select inverse.

5. Click on Save Selection as Channel.

Photoshop adds a new channel below the other channels and names it Alpha 1

6. Deselect the selection.

7. Go back to the Layers Panel.

8. Create a new layer. Name this layer as ‘Green.’

9.  Fill this layer with Green color.

10. Go to: Select > Load Selection 

And press OK.

11. Press CTRL + J so that a new layer will be created. Your sketch image now has color.

12. Turn off layer Green.

But of course you can add more colors to the sketch image to give it a nicer look.

13. Open a texture image in Photoshop. Click and drag this onto your document.

14. Go to: Filter > Blur Gaussian Blur.

Make the following changes:

15. Go to: Select > Load Selection 

16. Press CTRL + J so that a new layer will be created. Your sketch image now has more color.

17. Turn off the texture layer.

18. Change the Blend Mode of the new layer from Normal to Color. 

That’s it, babe.

Final Result: