Enhancing your Images in Photoshop

Enhancing Image in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to Enhance your images in Photoshop. Often times you take pictures with your digital camera that you feel are just not good enough. However, if you know this simple trick, you should be able to enhance your most ordinary pictures into potential Facebook profile pictures or maybe even cover photos. This tutorial is pretty short and quite easy to follow. Carry on with this tutorial to learn how Enhancing your images make them more Facebook compatible.

1. Open whatever image you would like to work on in Photoshop. This is the image we will be using for this tutorial:

2. Create a new Adjustment layer and choose Color Balance. Then make the following changes:

3. Open a new layer in Photoshop.

4. Select the Gradient tool and modify its settings as shown in the image below

5. Change the Blend Mode of the current layer from Normal to Soft Light. Also change the opacity to 30%.

You will see now that the colors of the image have become much more pronounced. The image has now been enhanced.

That’s it, babe. Would you believe enhancing your image in Photoshop could be this easy?

Final Picture: