23 Best Abstract Tutorials in Adobe Photoshop

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 Abstract Tutorials in Photoshop. Here is an inclusive collection of some of the most useful Abstract Tutorials. These Abstract Tutorials will guide you and help you to design and demonstrate your inner creativity through the stunning world of abstract art. These tutorials have been gathered through Google search.

1. Create an abstract liquid effect

In this walkthrough, I’ll show you how to use a photograph, some 2D elements and a 3D render to create an abstract liquid effect with a real sense of motion. I got into abstract digital art through experimentation. My background is in art and graffiti, and I’m giving a nod to those pre-digital days in this image by using paper and pen mixed with photographs.
I’ll walk through a number of expert tips and techniques using some basic tools in Photoshop. Experiment with these and you’ll be able to improve your skill set with just a few tricks.

2. Make a Freezing Cold Snow-themed Abstract Piece

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a snow-themed large piece. You’ll learn how to plan the composition of the piece, to add elements into the composition, how to recycle the piece itself to generate more elements for the piece, how to incorporate pentools into a design and finally how to finish off and fine tune the piece to make it look great.

Put on a scarf, jacket and gloves, switch on your heater, make yourself some tea and let’s get started!

3. How to Create an Interplay of Abstract Light Streaks

This tutorial is inspired by the work of the Lichfaktor collective. You should really take a look at their pictures, which are pure urban poetry. I basically wanted a simple way to create similar light effects without freezing my bones outside at night.

To achieve this we’ll use both Illustrator to design the basic shapes and Photoshop to create the lighting effects. Since everything is going to be done with smart objects and layer styles, the final image will be scalable at any size.

4. Create an Abstract Design with Patterns in Photoshop

I’ve just finished up another little digital art experiment where I set out to build something cool and abstract out of Photoshop patterns and simple shapes. Follow this walkthrough as I take you through the steps I took to recreate this detailed design with nothing more than gradient and pattern effects.

5. Create a Simple Vibrant Light Effect in Photoshop

My previous How to Create Intense Light Streaks in Photoshop article turned out to become the most popular tutorial here on Blog.SpoonGraphics, so it seems to be quite a hot topic! It makes sense, therefore to take another look at the intense light effects area of design and experiment with a range of techniques to produce our own vibrant artwork.

In this article we’ll be starting from scratch, working away from the computer to gather together the resources which we’ll be manipulating later. If you would prefer to skip straight to the digital techniques, download the ready-made resources from the Six FreeHigh-Res Glowing Light Stream Images post and head on down the page!

 6. How to Design an Abstract Wallpaper In Photoshop (and Illustrator)

In this tutorial we will be creating abstract shapes using the Pen Tool and Shape Tools in Illustrator and then using those shapes to produce an abstract wallpaper in Photoshop using various color blending techniques, textures and transformation tools. Let’s get going!

7. Create a magical rainbow color flame in Photoshop

One of the things I’ve seen around quite a bit lately is a transparent rainbow gradient effect on a dark background. It seems to me that flashy transparent gradients are in these days. They make me think about magic. Today I’ll show you how you can create a magical rainbow color flame. OK, maybe I’m using too many words in a row here, but it’s the best I can do to describe this.

I should tell you upfront that for this tutorial basic knowledge of Photoshop is needed.

8. Making of an Abstract Art Piece: “Lonium”

In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll be walking through the process of making an abstract artwork, using abstract 3D renders, textures, and more.

Abstract Tutorials in Adobe Photoshop

9. Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps – Photoshop Tutorial

Abduzeedo means abducted in portuguese, the spelling is not exactly that, it should be abduzido. But the whole idea for the Abduzeedo’s design is the space. I’m really fan of playing with this subject because we are sort of free to create whatever we want, and using Photoshop that really means everything.

So in this Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to create a space scene with some nice Lighting Effects in 10 Steps.

10. Chroma Wallpapers

This tutorial explains how to create a energetic, vibrant, colorful wallpaper, like the ones available at Color Charge. These lines, which we’ll call Chroma were highly inspired by the iPod Nano Ad from 2006 and some Quantum Chromodynamics nerdery stuff. You will learn how to bend blurry shapes with Warp tool to draw the lines, beams, and steams. Then you’ll know how to add some glowing and vibrating color effects, and finally polish your drawing. Aside reading this tutorial, you’ll need Photoshop CS2 or CS3, and preferably a computer with a lot of memory and a larger screen to achieve that effect.

11. Reader Request: MSNBC Style Effect

In this tutorial, I will create an effect like the one in the header of the MSNBC.com website. This effect is a reader’s-request tutorial.

If you have an effect you want to know how to achieve, just let us know in the comments and we will try to write a tutorial about it.

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12. Create Abstract Colorful Balls illustration in Photoshop CS5

In today’s drawing tutorial, you will learn how to create abstract colorful illustration using simple tools and techniques like Ellipse Tool, Brush Tool, Gradient Tool, Layer Style, etc. in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

13. Create a Trendy Galactic Poster Design in Photoshop

Galactic space scenes are a popular theme for digital art, they’re packed full of texture and vibrant colour, which are two ingredients of an awesome design! Using Photoshop’s blending modes along with a mix of textures and brushes, let’s get lost in space and create an abstract cosmos poster design.


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14. How to create abstract kaleidoscope poster in Photoshop CS5

In today’s tutorial, we will combine basic colours, shapes and brushes to create eye catching kaleidoscope poster in Photoshop CS5. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

15. Create Artistic Abstract Shapes via the Powerful Warp Tool in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use Warp tool plus to create great looking abstract shapes to decorate your design. The steps are really simple and the effect can be used in a wide range of occasions, have a try 🙂

16. How to create abstract colorful background with bokeh effect in Photoshop

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an abstract colorful background with bokeh effect using Photoshop’s drawing tools, blending modes, and lighting techniques. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

17. Colorful Abstract DNA background via Custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop CS3

Today, I’m going to show you how to create colorful abstract DNA background via Custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

18. Create Simple, Yet Elegant Abstract Spectrum Lines in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the method I use to design a simple, yet elegant abstract spectrum lines in Photoshop. You will see how easy it is to achieve this nice effect and you can use it a wide range of occasions including perhaps site header backgrounds, logos, or add extra flavor to your photo manipulations.This tutorial is suitable for beginners and I included the ways of creating new brush presets and also the use of Pen Tool. You will ample opportunities to proactive layer blending, filters and Free Transform Tools. Have a try!

19. Create a Final Fantasy VII Lifestream-Like Abstract Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this Final Fantasy VII Life stream Like Abstract Design in Photoshop. This is a beginner level tutorial with lots of detailed screenshots. Have a try 🙂

If you happen to be a fan of Final Fantasy VII like me, you will know what I’m talking about and where the idea came from. If not, check out this image here.

I tried to keep the steps as few as possible for this tutorial – so if you’re a Photoshop beginner, you won’t be overwhelmed with information. In this mean time, you can check out my other basic Photoshop tutorials here.

20. Abstract Sci-fi Style Energy Laser Beam Creation in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to create Abstract Sci-fi Style Energy Laser Beam in Photoshop. We will go through some interesting techniques to create these beams, on top of a space background, such as lighting effect, color overlay and image adjustment.

Note: The Photoshop tutorial is done in CS6 – therefore some screenshot may have slighting different layout as in the earlier version. Some brushes are exclusive to Photoshop CS6.

21. Create an Abstract Floating Break-Apart Rock Circle in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create an Abstract Floating Rock Circle in Photoshop . This is a beginner-intermediate level Photoshop tutorial aiming to show you a few tricks to manipulate and combine objects together. Have a try 🙂

Note: The Photoshop tutorial is done in CS6 – therefore some screenshot may have slighting different layout as in the earlier version.

22. Create Abstract Fake 3D Objects in Photoshop

This tutorial will demonstrate how we can use the Pen tool to create abstract vector shapes that form into a beautiful piece of fake 3D artwork. I was very busy with office works the whole week and finally found some free time to make this tutorial. Hope you will find it useful!

23. Floral Abstract Explosion in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I used several floral stock images and Photoshop brushes to compose a fantastic abstract composition


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