Metal Patterns for Photoshop Users

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Excellent Metal Textures for Photoshop Users. Here is a huge collection of  Metal Patterns for Photoshop which I have gathered through Google search. I found an incredible variety of high resolution marble textures in various colors: black, brown, blue, yellow, red and others. If you are looking to create some realistic metallic design, here’s a collection of  Metallic textures and patterns. you can quickly create whatever appearance you are looking for.


Metal Patterns

PS Patterns – Metal plates 01

Metal Mesh Patterns – Pack 1

SK Metal Grids HD Patterns

Metal Patterns-A

Metal Patterns B

Rusty Metal 1 Free Texture Pack

28 Seamless Metal Patterns for Photoshop

 Metal Mesh Texture

Metal copper

Black Metal Texture

Metal Bolt Texture

Black Friday $10 300x250

Metal Rust Texture 24

Metal Rust Texture 21

Metal Texture with nails

Metal Rust Texture 22

Cool Metal Texture

Metal Floor Texture

Metal 53

Metal 58

Metal Pot : IV

Metal Scratch : II

Metal Rust Texture 05

Metal Rust Texture 36

Metal Rust Texture 40



Light up your Metal Patterns in your room as well

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