Color Pencil Sketch in Photoshop

Color Pencil Sketch in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn how to convert any image to a Color Pencil Sketch using Photoshop. The real challenge in creating a Color Pencil Sketch of any image is making it as believable as possible. For those of you that are just starting out with Photoshop, you do need a little bit of previous Photoshop experience to work with this tutorial.

1. Open whatever image you would like to work on in Photoshop. This is the image we will be using for this tutorial:

2. First duplicate (CTRL+J) the background layer.

3. While on the duplicate layer, use the Quick Selection Tool to select the motorcycle. Once that’s done properly, make an inverse selection.

4.Go to: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and make the following changes:

5. Go to: Image > Desaturate (CTRL+SHIFT+U).

6. Change the Blend Mode of the current layer from Normal to Darken.

7. Now we are going to duplicate the current layer (which by the way is already a duplicate layer) and this is the layer we will be working on now.

8. Go to: Image > Invert (CTRL+I).

9. Change the Blend Mode of the current layer from Normal to Color Dodge. You can see now that we really are creating a color pencil sketch using Photoshop.

10. Go to: Filter > Other > Minimum and make the following changes:

You can see now that the color pencil sketch is starting to become more prominent.

11. Now make another duplicate of the original background layer. This is the layer we will be working on now. In the layers panel, make sure that this second duplicate layer is placed right on top of all the other layers.

12. Change the Blend Mode of the current layer from Normal to Color.

That’s it, babe. How do you like them color pencil sketch?

Final Picture: