Learn How to Create Iron Text Effect in Photoshop

Iron Text in Photoshop: In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to create my rendition of Iron text in Adobe Photoshop. The end result is this old-looking, strong, armor-ish text that just might give you a vague feeling of having seen it somewhere before. In my case, it seems to remind me of Game of Thrones for no reason. It’s a fairly simple tutorial nevertheless making use of a few textures and a great deal of layer styling.


1. The texture below will serve as background image to our iron text. You can download it from here. Open this texture image in Photoshop.

2. Now using Photoshop’s Text Tool, create your text with the color Black using the character settings shown in the image below. The font I have used for the text can be found here.

3. Once you have created the text, you will then have to remove the empty space between the letters. You can do that by clicking right before each subsequent letter, ensuring that the cursor is now exactly behind the letter, then holding down the ALT key, and then repeatedly pressing down the Left Arrow Key until you see no space between them. Needless to mention, but I shall anyway, that this step is to be performed only for letters between the first and last letters of the text. In my case, “B” and “K”. Please don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work when you have placed your cursor behind “B”, or after “K”.

4. Double click the text layer to open Layer Style and then make the following changes:

5. Now, duplicate the text layer. All of the effects applied to the original text layer will be duplicated along with it.

6. You must now remove all of these effects except for Drop Shadow from the duplicate layer and make the following changes to it:

7. Now change the Fill of the duplicate text layer back to 0%.

8. Once more, duplicate the original text layer and place it on top of all the layers in the Layers Panel.

9. Again, when you duplicated the original layer, the effects applied to it got duplicated along with it. You must now remove all of these effects except for Bevel and Emboss, Contour and Drop Shadow and then make the following changes to them:

10. Duplicate the original text layer one last time and place this one on top of all the other layers in the Layers Panel now.

11. Like before, you must now remove all of the duplicated effects except for Bevel and Emboss and Contour and then make the following changes to them:

12. Finally, change the Fill of this layer to 0% and that’s all.

Final Result: