Creating An Abstract Hollow Shape Ball In Photoshop

Posted on November 4th, 2011 | 17 Comments

Abstract Hollow Shape Ball In Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create an interesting Abstract Hollow Shape Ball followed up by how you can use your simple imagination to make the shape look more appealing. In this tutorial we will use 3D function.

1. Create a new document with Width 600, Height 340.

2. Set the Gradient Tool as shown below.

3. Create a Radial Gradient as your background from the middle of the image to the bottom left corner.

4. Create a new layer. Draw in lines as shown below using only the Rectangular Marquee Tool. You will have to drag the selection down each time you wish to create a new line.

5. Fill these lines with separate colors individually.

6 .Go to: 3D > New Shape from Layer > Sphere. Not a Abstract Hollow Shape Ball yet, but at least a ball.

7. Double click the layer where indicated by the image below:

8. Go to Image > Duplicate.

A dialogue box will appear, click OK.

Notice how you’ll now be working on the duplicate layer.

9. Press CTRL and click create a new layer. A new layer will be created under layer 1.

10. Fill this layer 2 with black color.

Your image will be as shown below.

11. Go to layer 1.

12. Press CTRL and click the layer thumbnail. All lines will be selected.

13. Fill all lines with white color.

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14. Go to: File > Save as.

Save your work on your desktop.

Format type: Photoshop (* PSD.*PDD)

15. Close the duplicate layer window (The one you’ve been working on). Also close the original layer window. (The one you were working on previously).

There should still be an untitled window open.

16. Now go to: Window > 3D.

17. Select 3D Materials.

18. Chose Edit the opacity texture > Load Texture.

Now load the duplicate image that you had saved.

The white areas of the ball will now disappear.

19. We’ll now format our abstract ball shape. Make the following changes:

20. Select 3D Light.

Make the following changes:

21..  In the 3D (Scene) tab, scroll up and select Scene and make the following changes:

This will smoothen the edges of the ball.

Final Picture:

Voila. Your Abstract Hollow Shape Ball created in Photoshop is finished. As you know how, now – you may want to try this with other things then balls. Feel free – go ahead and let your creativity spin.




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17 Responses

  1. salman
    Posted on: 11-10-2011

    i like what u have done

  2. Josh
    Posted on: 11-18-2011

    What version of Photoshop are you using. I’m using CS3 and I’m having trouble with the segment of the tutorial where you have to go to Windows>3D. CS3 doesn’t have that.

  3. Roofi Sardar
    Posted on: 11-18-2011

    Sorry about that, I’m using CS5.
    Although, try double clicking the icon on the layer thumbnail…
    It should surely help.

  4. Posted on: 11-22-2011

    im having trouble with the last step, after i change the quality to ray traced draft i still end up with on sphere, how do i get all the other ones?

    • Roofi Sardar
      Posted on: 11-22-2011

      By choosing ‘Ray Traced Draft’ you only enhance the smoothness of the edges of the sphere.
      The other spheres are duplicates of the original sphere.

  5. Huu
    Posted on: 11-30-2011

    loved this tutorial! it is so fun! I am in a digital media class, I am the only advanced student so i get to make what I want, it is tutorials like these that i really like! Your instructions were easy to follow! *Thumbs up*!

  6. Posted on: 12-13-2011

    well done.

  7. Posted on: 12-29-2011


  8. judd
    Posted on: 2-5-2012

    wonderfull…… thanks again

  9. Gilda Besse
    Posted on: 2-20-2012

    I have a problem when I’m loading the texture, the white area doesn’t disappear. the spear is just becoming B&W 🙁

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