Ressources for Photographer

Make a business out of your skills! Are you a passionated photographer or just a talent by working with any photo editing software? You know how to get the best out of photos? Great skills to start making money out of your passion. But you need to market your content and to do this successfully you need at least your own website. Social Medias and other Channels to show your skills are great – but you do not have the controll about them until you own them. This is why you should use the relevant site as facebook, pinterest and so on to drive traffic to your website. On this website you have to tell potential customers what they can expect from you. You show your marvelous skills and take order. But in the meantime do not miss to sell it directly true a picture agency as mentioned below. We do have a list of usefull ressources for photographer prepared for you which should help you to create a website, reach potential customers and be more successful. If you have any further recomendations for this list, please do not hesitate to contact use. Find her our list of highly recommended ressources for photographer:

Sell your Pictures for a fairly price:

Get a fair revenue for every picture or photo you sell. We recommend to use this stock-broker service, because they treat photographers better then others. We strongly belive, that fair pay of every work should be a standard, but we saw it only with those guys from stockbo!

Great source of WordPress Themes to create your Website:

As mentioned, we do not recommend to use a Website-Service where you do not have full control. But to set up a website isn’t that hard if you choose the right CRM. Almost nothing is easier then WordPress. Thru a ton of different plugins you can customize your site until it works best for you. And if you struggle it is very easy to hire some freelancer or the experts of which can help you. Her you find great WordPress themes:

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Did you see a nice website from somebody else and want to know which theme or plugin they use? We found a webdetective-service which tells you all the details:

Free WordPress Training:

Still not happy or confident? Do you want to learn more on how to use WordPress. Visit this free sources of trainings, tutorials and other articles which helps you to creat your own site.


Pictures are good and helpfull to bring emotion into almost anything – but video’s help from time to time even better. Whom do you trust? Probably you would trust a recommendation of a real person more then a article, or. It is pretty good, if other people say good things about your skill’s. This is why video works fantastic for this. We found a great service for Video Testimonials:

Press Releases:

You may think, that your stuff or content is not worth to share with journalist. Maybe you are right, not everything is a hot news. But press releases are not only send out to reach journalists in the modern and digital world. Use a press release to drive traffic to your website. It helps you as well to get backlinks from various blogs or news site. It will rank you better in search engines and it will drive traffic from other sites to you.


A wonderfull way to share your ideas, your content and skills in other blogs. Build a brand around your name to be know and for others a ressource for photographer. With this strategy you reach the readers of the blog and build your own community, follower and hopefully happy customers. At least you build a brand around your skills.


Other Photo releated source we can recommend:


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